world of happiness

Terms and conditions:
 By visiting one of Kinan malls (Aliat Mall – Dana Mall – Jamea Plaza) and scan the QR code available at the shopping center.
 Mall visitors of Kinan (Aliat Mall – Dana Mall- Jamea Plaza) who purchased from a store inside one of those malls’ shops during the campaign period (24th Aug – 29th Sep) with a value not less than 100 SAR will get another chance to participate in the draw and increase their chances by scanning the barcode available at the invoice again. 
Purchase should be strictly from the malls of (Aliat Mall – Dana Mall – Jamea Plaza) at the duration of campaign from 24th August to 29th of September/2023, with a value of 100SAR or more.
No invoice will be accepted or counted in the draw if the purchase was not from a branch inside (Aliat Mall – Dana Mall – Jamea Plaza) and within the duration of the campaign mentioned above.
Each invoice could be scanned and used once.