About us

e-Copon is one of the products of Smart Match for Information Technology

Smart Match for IT LLC, is a company with limited liability that focuses on marketing solutions and aims to develop and execute these solutions specifically for the Saudi market. The eCopon application is one of its standout products, which has been approved by the chambers of commerce as a requirement for obtaining a competition permit. Additionally, it provides special offers and discounts and positions itself as a unique service without any monthly fees.

Our Mission

Create cost effective brands awareness and maximizing sales.

Our objective is for the merchant and consumer to build trust by using a transparent regulatory system, which significantly improves their credibility.

Our Vision

Providing unique and innovative digital competitions and promotions.

Our goal is to establish connections with customers both inside and outside the Kingdom, making sure that everyone has access to all the services. We provide commercial services in the Saudi market to create an environment that supports local businesses in reaching the end consumers. Additionally, we attract multinational enterprises and brands to enter the Saudi market.

Our Services

The concept of eCopon was born out of the Saudi market's demand for efficient competition mechanisms and a reduction in fraudulent activities by both participants and organizers.

Our eCopon team is dedicated to finding the most effective solution to address these challenges, ultimately bringing about significant changes in the marketing landscape and offering discounts.

  • Vouchers:
  • eCopon provides a variety of exciting promotions and discounts, and we're always updating our selection to ensure you get the best deals possible.
  • Plus, we offer exclusive discounts reserved for our loyal customers, so be sure to sign up or follow us on social media to stay informed. 
  • Competitions:
  • Enhancing Transparency and Streamlining Online Withdrawals for Competitions

  • We Improve transparency and streamline the process of various competitions by implementing online withdrawal options, ensuring a seamless experience for participants.

Why Choose eCopon?

360 marketing:
In a day and age where marketing has become boundless, Smart Match introduces our new marketing service.

​​​​​​​ With our multi-faceted, innovative approach, we work closely with market leaders, experts, and providers to develop and deliver a tailor-made, one-stop solution to all your marketing needs. Our services include:

Social media management:

A targeted approach utilizing our team of experts and our strategic partners to maximize the client’s needs, whether it is to maximize growth, engagement, or brand awareness.

Offline/online main-stream exposure


Full-scale ATL/BTL activations:

Employing our media providers, we are able to orchestrate extremely targeted BTL activations that enable you to target your audience in an unprecedented manner. For ATL activations, we work closely with the largest exposure networks in the kingdom.

Media production:

We offer all-inclusive media production that includes, but is not limited to, videography, acting, voice acting, motion graphics, content writing, make-up artistry, and graphic design.

A large network : 

Of exclusive media providers ensures you get access to sections of the market that are inaccessible to competitors.

Approved platform

As the only approved platform for the activation of commercial competitions, SmartMatch utilizes its competitions for effective full-scale marketing campaigns.

Our Team

Mohammed Aziz

Operation Manager

Alimuz A. Tahir


Khalid AlShammaa


Nada Ladki

Sales & Marketing Assistant Manager

Yahya Al Manasri

Corporate Sales BUM

Ahmed Taha

Accounting Manager

Othman Barayan

Senior Operation Assistant

Sami Al Attas

Platform Development Manager

Where !

eCopon was proudly established in Jeddah, kingdom of Saudi Arabia!

When !

eCopon was established in 2013!

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Prize money

Prize money

+100 M

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Completed competitions

+2 k

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Total winners

+80 k

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Compitition posts

+210 M

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Registered companies