ALJ Service - Raffle Campaign for Saudi National Day 92

1. By participating in the Lucky draws, the Subscriber acknowledges that he has read and understood these Terms and Conditions and has agreed to be bound by them.
2. The campaign runs from 18 September to 29 September 2022 during the opening hours of Toyota Service Centers Abdul Latif Jameel Retail Company Ltd.
3. The subscriber must be the car owner or user (if the car is financed) of a Toyota car, and in case of a wining, the subscriber is obliged to provide proof of this.
4. Subscription in the Contest is permitted only once in accordance with the terms eligible to participate. Each participant is entitled to win only once during the competition.
5. Subscription in the competition will be by scanning the QR code for the competition which located with any of the service advisor in Toyota Service Centers of Abdul Latif Jameel Retail Company Limited and entering the required data, this is a required condition.
6. The subscriber is obliged to enter the correct information (incorrect information will be out of subscription).
7. Participation in the competition is open to citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under proof of valid ID
8. Draw Date : 11 October 2022
9. Number draw prizes 92 and the number of winners: 92 winners, divided as follow:
a.  The first five winners to receive Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 265GB smartphones
b. The second of five winners to receive an Apple iPad Pro 11" 5G 256GB smart tablet
c.  Third Five Winners Get Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 256 GB Smartphones
d. Fourth Five Winners Receive Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 256 GB Smartphones
e.  Then next twenty-two winners receive a voucher worth SAR 1,000 valid for use at the Toyota Service Centres at Abdul Latif Jameel Retail Company Limited.
f.   Then next fifty winners receive a voucher worth SAR 500 valid for use at Toyota Service Centers at Abdul Latif Jameel Retail Company Limited.
10. The prize will be handed over to the winner in the nearest Toyota center to the winner.
11. Prizes are fixed and cannot be exchanged or divided.
12. The Company have the right to suspend or cancel this lucky draw at any time.
13. Conditions for vouchers:
a.   Voucher is valid for use until 31 December 2022
b.    The voucher is used at Toyota Service Centers at Abdul Latif Jameel Retail Company Limited.
c.   The voucher is only redeemed by the person who won it
d.   Voucher will be redeemed through one invoice only
e.    More than one maintenance service can be added to the same invoice at the request of the person who won the voucher
f.    The person who won the voucher is obliged to pay the amount in invoice more than the value of the voucher
g.   The value of the voucher cannot be claimed in cash or any remaining part of its value.