92 of Saudi Arabia

Rules and regulations
1.     Follow our Facebook and instagram page
2.     Like the post
3.     Mention 3 of your friends to follow our pages and participate in the competition
4.      92 winners will be selected randomly
5.      You can participate from one account only
6.     Negative comments will be deleted in order to preserve the positive spirit of the competition
7.      Prizes are non-exchangeable, nonrefundable, and non-transferable
8.     The competition is valid in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia only
9.     Participate by creating a national day themed recipe
10. 20 jareer gift card, 4 iPhone 12, 4 Samsung tab A7 Lite, 14 Tamimi gift cards, 10 air fryers, 10 coffee makers, 5 microwaves, 5 electric oven, 10 water boiler, 5 hand blender, 5 blenders
11. Competition starts on September 23rd