1.                   HE #FreeByNature raffle is conducted by Procter & Gamble Middle East FZE (“P&G”) in UAE and Saudi.
2.                   “Entrant/s” means all persons eligible to participate (as set out in paragraph 9) and who join the campaign in the manner detailed in paragraph 11.
3.                   “Prize Winner/s” means all registered users with the right contact info will enter prize draw.
4.                   “Sponsor/Promoters” means P&G, the Partner and / or their sponsorship, promotion or advertising agency/ies and / or any delivery service providers.
5.                   It is important that all Entrants read and understand these terms and conditions. All Entrants agree that the terms and conditions contained in this document, as amended from time to time and interpreted by the Sponsor/Promoters, are binding on them. A copy of these terms and conditions is available at  https://pgmega.jebbit.com/aqcdg2uv?L=Owned+Web All Entrants participate in the Campaign entirely at their own risk.
6.                   The Entrants acknowledge that by submitting their entry to the Campaign they –
6.1                 have been given an opportunity to read these terms and conditions and that they understand and agree to the terms and conditions; and
6.2                 give consent to these risks and indemnify and hold harmless the Sponsor/Promoters and their directors, employees, agents and group or associate companies of any and all liability relating to any damage, cost, injuries and losses of whatever nature that they sustain as a result of their participation in the event and any related events and activities, except where such damage, cost, injuries and losses are sustained as a result of the gross negligence or willful wrongdoing of any indemnified party.
7.                   Nothing in these terms and conditions should be seen as unlawfully restricting, limiting or avoiding any rights or obligations of either the Entrants or the Sponsor/Promoters under local laws. P&G shall, where necessary, obtain any and all permits or registration/s from the authorities.
8.                   The raffle of “Win 1 Year supply of Herbal Essences” will run from 1st April to April 30th, 2022 through multiple touchpoint in social media.
9.                   In order to be eligible to participate in the prize draw, Entrants must –
9.1                 be a natural person (i.e. Entrants cannot be a juristic entity); be a citizen of or permanent resident in UAE and Saudi.
9.2                 hold a valid ID document residence permit document;
9.3                 be 18 (eighteen) years old or older, prior to the start of the Competition Period; and
9.4                 provide correct and the relevant personal details (including but not limited to their full name, e-mail address and contact number), as required by the Sponsor/Promoters.
10.                The Sponsor/Promoters and their directors, members, partners, employees, agents or consultants, the suppliers of goods or services in connection with this raffle, or any other person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by the above-named parties and their respective spouses, business partners or immediate family members are not permitted to participate in this raffle
1.10.1                  All registered participants with the above conditions will eligible to enter the prize draw.
1.10.2                  To register, the participant will go to the raffle website and then they will fill their info (name, email and phone number) and survey questions.
1.10.3                  Next, they will agree in the term & condition and click submit.
1.10.4                  Upon filling out the data, they will be taken to a Thank You page
1.10.5                  We will have 5 winners for this raffle in Saudi, and 5 winners in UAE.
1.10.6                  All Entrants who meet the eligibility requirements and fulfil the registration conditions set out above will be automatically joined into the Campaign.
1.10.7                  Entrants may enter the Campaign once only, provided that they fulfil the entry conditions detailed in paragraph 11.
1.10.8                  Each Entrant will only be entitled to win 1 (one) Prize in the Campaign.
1.10.9                  Link will only be available during the campaign time from 1st April to April 30th, 2022.
11.                We will have 5 winners for this contest in Saudi, and 5 winners in in UAE. One year supply of shampoo and conditioner calculated based on the average household consumptions shared by CMK.
No. of Prizes to be
Description of Prize
5 winners for this contest in Saudi, and 5 winners in UAE.
1 Year supply of shampoo and conditioner Herbal Essences bottles.
12.                Each Entrant registered is eligible.
13.                Entrants and Prize Winners may be requested to take part in the Sponsor/Promoters publicity campaigns or to allow their names and likenesses to be used by the Sponsor/Promoters for promotional purposes. Entrants and Prize Winners are, however, entitled to decline such requests. No compensation will be payable to Entrants and Prize Winners for such use.


14.                By joining the event you are entering a Campaign as defined in local law/s in the country and the promotional Campaign will be conducted in accordance with the relevant provisions of such laws.
15.                The information provided by Entrants in order to join the contest will be used by the Sponsor/Promoters (i) for the purposes of conducting the campaign, (ii) as set out in the consent notice and opt-in available on entry on https://pgmega.jebbit.com/aqcdg2uv?L=Owned+Web and (iii) as more fully set out in the P&G Privacy Policy.  (iv) used for marketing activity.
16.                The Sponsor/Promoters’ decision on any matter related to the Campaign (including the selection of Prize Winner/s) is final.
17.                All Entrants and Prize Winner/s indemnify the Sponsor/Promoters, associated or group companies, and their directors, officers, employees, members, consultations or contractors and agents, against any and all claims for any loss or damages, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise, arising from any cause whatsoever in connection with their participation in any way whatsoever in this Campaign. The Sponsor/Promoters are not liable for any technical failures affecting participation in the Campaign and assume no liability whatsoever for any entry that has been omitted from participation in the Competition, for any reason whatsoever.
18.                The Sponsor/Promoter, through its agency, shall, in accordance with the Sponsor’s/Promoter’s privacy policy, collect personal information contained in the entry for the purposes of conducting the Campaign including selecting and notifying and publicizing the winner(s) under the terms and conditions. Participants who do not provide the information requested and consent to such publication shall be disqualified from participating in the Competition. By participating in the Competition, Participants consent to the transfer, storing and processing of their personal information by the Sponsor, its affiliates, agency and/or service providers, whether such entities are within or outside of country as may be necessary. Participants’ personal information will be provided to these organizations under the instructions of the Sponsor/Promoter solely for the purpose of enabling the Sponsor/Promoter to conduct this Competition, for the provision of services to the
Sponsor/Promoter, and with respect to such information, to act in a manner consistent with the relevant principles articulated in the Sponsor’s/Promoter’s privacy practices and policy. Participants have the right to access and correct any personal information collected by the Sponsor by addressing their request to the
Sponsor and/or its agency. Further details of the Sponsor's privacy practices may be found at https://privacypolicy.pg.com/en/
19.                Collected data (Name, Email and Mobile Number when you register) will be used in marketing campaigns, promotions, analysis and communication for P&G brands for a period of one year from the date of collection. All Data will be stored in a secured P&G cloud. We collect the data to be eligible to receive emails and/or SMS including announcements, offers and any promotional materials.
20.                By submitting your data in this campaign you give your consent to Procter & Gamble and the Agencies: 1) Promovision 8350, Al Zahiriah, Al Khalidiyyah, Jeddah 23423, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; 2) TAD Network Communications FZ-LLC,  307,  Dubai Studio City, 211725 Dubai, United Arab Emirates as data controller to collect and process your personal data for the purpose as you provided your consent above, for an unlimited period of time or until you opt out. The data controller shall handle your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act. Furthermore, you agree and accept that the data controller may transfer your personal data to other companies of the Procter &Gamble Group. You agree that your personal data may be stored and processed by the data controller’s entrusted data processors within or outside of your country. Supplying of the data is voluntary. The data controller shall not disclose or convey your personal data to third parties, except its data processors. The agency will take the consents from you to allow the agency to share this data with P&G only, and P&G can use these data inside and outside the UAE. 
21.                Governing Law & Jurisdiction: All rights reserved. These Terms and Conditions and the Campaign are governed by the country laws. Should any of these provisions be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions of participation shall not be affected. Any disputes arising under or in connection with them shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the country.