Be the Winner

1) Starts from 26 Dec 2021 to 12 Feb 2022
2) Numbers of Winners: 1112 Winners
    2 Winners: Each Wins 50,000 SR
    10 Winners: Each Wins 10,000 SR
    100 Winners: Each wins 1000 SR(as Voucher From Nahdi)
    1000 Winners: Each wins 200 SR (as Voucher From Nahdi)
3)To participate, the participant must be registered in the Nahdi Pharmacies loyalty program (Nuhdeek) and download the application and participate through Contest Link
4) Winner should submit the following documents within two weeks of winners announcement , or the prize will be cancelled
I. Photo copy of national ID or Iqama
II. Winner bank account number( IBAN card) or his parents bank account number
5) Bank transfer will be applied for the winners or his parents
6)Purchase is not required to participate in this competition
7)All employees of Nahdi Company and its subsidiaries and their families are excluded from this withdrawal
8) In case of Winner not responding within 2 Weeks, Nahdi has the right to Exclude the Winner and repeat the draw
9)  All citizens and residents are entitled to participate in the draw only once & Have one Winning Chance
10)Al-Nahdi has the right to photograph the winners and use their photos on social media to announce the result of the competition without the slightest responsibility and without any financial compensation,In case of disapproval, Al-Nahdi company has the right to withhold the prize and withdraw from another participant
11) Nahdi Application Users can participate through contest link inside the App
12)A copy of the winners ’identity and signature will be taken as proof of receiving the prizes.
13)- Contest participation informations will be used to update membership informations for Nahdi loyalty Program (Nuhdeek) members
14) Prize will be Withdrawn if The Winner's ID name is not the Same as the Name Registered in Nuhdeek system & the Draw will be repeated
15) Vouchers are valid till 31 May 2022 & to be cancellde after its expiry date
16)Vouchers are one timely used with its full value & can't be sold or exchanged for cash or ruturn the items purchased with it
17) Vouchers will be shared with winners via Nuhdeek app account or SMS on the mobile numbers registered on participation & these messages on Nahdi system or Nahdi App is considered as prize receipt