Our cards win

:Method of participation
1. Visit the link.
2. Click (attachments, terms, conditions).
3. Click on the free participation.
4. Get a free campaign barcode.
  • The campaign period is two months, starting from June 18 to August 17, 2021
  • The draw will be held under the supervision of the Chamber of Commerce twice, the first draw on July 18 and the second draw on August 19.
  • All Riyad Bank customers are automatically entered into the draw.
  • 51 winners for a period of two months with financial prizes of 2 million Saudi riyals. (The grand prize is one million Saudi riyals for the first winner and 50 financial prizes of 20,000 riyals for each winner).
  • A text message will be sent to all winners after depositing the prize money.
  • The names of the campaign winners will be published on Riyad Bank website two weeks after depositing the prize money.
  • Bank employees are not entitled to participate in this campaign.
  • If the contestant breaches any of the terms and conditions of this contest and/or the terms of the product, Riyad Bank has the right to disqualify the contestant or winner at any stage of the contest, and the bank has the right to replace him with another contestant if the bank deems it necessary.
  • At his absolute discretion and according to the terms and conditions of the Ministry of Commerce.
  • If the contestant wins, he must sign all legal documents required by the bank so that the bank can deliver the prize.
  • The Bank has the right at any stage to exclude the contestant or winning customer immediately if the Bank finds that the contestant or winning customer provided or entered any wrong or incorrect information, thus violating the terms of the contest and forfeiting his right to the prize, and the Bank has the right to replace him with another contestant if the Bank deems so
  • Failure to present an "identity/residency proof" and a valid "passport" for their statutory period is considered a breach of the conditions.
  • The prize amount will be deposited into the current account used to participate in the campaign by the winning contestant, two weeks after the draw.
  • The customer (the contestant) acknowledges that the bank's electronic records are considered definitive evidence to be trusted in all courts, committees and government agencies.
  • All terms and conditions, and/or agreements, appendices and documents signed between the two parties that pertain to any banking product or/and service shall be applied.
  • In the event of a difference between the Arabic text and the English text of these Terms and Conditions, the Arabic text shall prevail
  • The winner of the prize declares that he authorizes Riyad Bank to use his image in a final, final and irrevocable manner.
  • The character, his name and his voice in advertisements, publicity, advertising campaigns, social networking sites and any event
  • or a personal event or story related to this award, without any consideration or financial compensation.