win with Aussie

  1. Only the participants that scanned the code form Instagram post or flyer will be eligible.
  2. Entry terms and conditions are final. Entry into competition signifies prior acceptance of all terms and conditions stated above. Entries that fail to meet the previously stated terms and conditions will be disregarded.
  3. Participants must be current residents in KSA.
  4. Each applicant is eligible to participate once
  5. The winner must provide a valid ID card.
  6. Members of any entity that belongs to the contest are prohibited from entering
  7. If the Winner doesn’t meet the raffle criteria then Aussie committee will have the right to choose another winner randomly that meets the requirements
  8. Contest administration reserves the right to reject any application without giving any reasons
  9. After the winners are selected, Aussie committee shall communicate with the winner, If a winner fails to reply within one day of the contact attempt, Aussie committee retain the right to presume the winner withdrew and forfeited the prize and hence another winner shall be selected
  10. Saudi time ( 3 + GMT) is the approved reference for all announced dates and time.
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    • Participants will receive emails, offers, and coupons from Aussie and other trusted P&G brands.
    • Participants will receive text messages, offers, and coupons from P&G brands. We will contact you via SMS approximately 4 – 6 times a year and in line with our Privacy Policy.