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(1202404 )Jeddah Chamber Permit No
:Method of participation
To participate, please visit any Paris Gallery branch

1- All citizens and residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are allowed to participate in this competition only, and all Paris Gallery Saudi Arabia employees and its subsidiaries and their families are not allowed to participate in the competition and this competition continues for the period from Ramadan 1 1442 to 19 Shawwal AH corresponding to April 13, 2021, to 31. May 2021 only.
2- Purchase is not required to participate in this competition.
3- Once participating in the competition, the participants have agreed to abide by all the terms and conditions of the competition
4- The mobile number is like the identification card of the contestant. It is not allowed to participate with more than one number, or with the participation of two or more persons with the same number.
5- Participation in the competition is through the name of the person wishing to participate, his mobile phone number and e-mail.
6- The contestant participant must visit any of Paris Gallery Saudi Arabia's stores (taking into consideration the social distancing regulations and protocols for the prevention of the Coronavirus, as decided by the official authorities) in order to scan the code for the competition and register in it, and the contestant will later participate remotely.
7- Paris Gallery Saudi Arabia reserves the right to verify the validity of any entry to the competition and to deny any contestant unless he complies with the terms and conditions or engages in any illegal or otherwise inappropriate behavior that threatens the fair and proper course of the competition. Paris Gallery Saudi Arabia reserves its right. To verify the eligibility of all contestants.
8- By participating in the competition, the contestant has pledged that all the information provided by him is correct and up-to-date and has agreed and authorized Paris Gallery to keep his data and reuse it for the marketing and analytical purposes necessary to study the marketing plans.
9- Paris Gallery has the right to prove the identity of the prize-winning contestants
10- Paris Gallery has the right, without dispute or objection, to conduct a video and audio interview with the prize winners, and it may be recorded and shown in the audio and read media, and / or to take pictures with the winners and publish them without referring to the contestant and without any responsibility and without financial compensation for the winners in The competition, and if the winners do not agree,  Paris Gallery Saudi Arabia Company has the right to withhold the prize and draw another contestant
11- In case of winning, the winner will be notified via the phone registered in the competition
12- The cash prizes are disbursed as follows (a). The major prizes are 250,000 riyals for the first draw, 100,000 riyals for the second draw, and 250,000 riyals for the third draw, to be paid by a bank check in the name of the winner only, and the winner bears all government fees and taxes related to the prize. (B). The consolation prizes and the value of each prize of 10,000 riyals are disbursed in the form of cash vouchers that are valid inside the Paris Gallery stores in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia only and are valid for one calendar year from the date of their issuance. It is for its bearer and each voucher is used once and for the full amount as the prize amount is disbursed by vouchers denominated in 500 Saudi riyals, and items purchased using them will not be returned and the vouchers are considered void after the expiration of their validity period
13- Paris Gallery Saudi Arabia, during the competition period, will communicate with the contestant via text messages, WhatsApp messages and public social media in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or direct contact with the contestant participant to inform him of the special offers and promotions.
14- To participate in the competition, you must agree to the acceptance of the terms and conditions of the competition. The contestant’s participation ends with the end of the next draw for his participation and he is not entitled to enter the following other draws
15- Withdrawals will be made during the competition period according to the announced timetable, which is (A). The first draw will be on April 22, 2021. (B). The second draw will be on May 10, 2021. (C). The third draw is on May 31, 2021 AD, and Paris Gallery has the right to amend this schedule in accordance with the conditions of the competition, which are decided by the Saudi Paris Gallery Company.