Snickers VR Tournament

Jeddah Chamber Permit No. (895226)

Participate in Competition:

1- Visit one of the participating branches from (Panda)
- Al-Khobar City, Al-Rawabi Branch (click here)
- Yanbu City, Al-Azizia Branch (click here)
- Al-Kharj City, Al-Aliyah Branch (click here)
- Riyadh City, Al-Farouq Branch (click here)
- Riyadh City, Al-Andalus Branch (click here)
2- The subscriber should be a "PlayStation" player and his hobby is football
3- The subscriber should be a more than 13 years old
4- After confirming the previous conditions, the participant will play with "VR" and must enter 3 goals out of 5
5- After that, the promoter displays the barcode of the contest to the contestant
6- The contestant reads the barcode through the application
7- Agreeing to the terms and conditions
8- Click on the Verify button to get the contest coupon and enter the draw