Red Sea Mall Winter Land

Jeddah Chamber Permit No. (826366)
- The award shall be awarded in the city of Jeddah only.
- The presence in the Red Sea Mall is required to participate and register with the raffle, and participation in the competition is not accepted without visiting the mall.
- No one has the right to participate on behalf of another person, and the persons are in their personal names according to identity and are present in the Red Sea Mall.
- The winner of the prize (the car) shall bear all costs of issuing ownership, registration, insurance, etc. and all that is related to the car’s expenses such as its fuel, maintenance and any other expenses in the future.
- The winner agrees to back the ads, videos, social networking sites, advertising campaigns, and any advertising or promotional work related to the prize that the award provider performs.
- The first prize winner, his family and employees are not entitled to win the second prize.
- The prize winner may not assign it to others before registering the car in his name.