Spoil yourself and do not think of study

1- The purchase is not required to enter the competition.
2- The conditions of the competition shall be governed by the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
3- The following categories are not allowed to participate in the competition in order to achieve transparency They are:
- All Chamber of Commerce employees and their families.
- All employees of the system operator and their families.
- All employees of the competition company and their families.
- All advertising agency staff and their families.
- All employees of participating market and their families.
4- The committee for sorting competitions in the chambers of commerce has the full right to redeem prizes from these categories if one of them wins.
5- The Committee for Sorting Contests in the Chambers of Commerce has the right to withdraw the prize from the participants who won it, and it was later revealed that they have participated in more than one mobile number, and to return the draw on the list of participating names again.
6- The name must be identical to the legal identity in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
7- If it is found that there is more than one account for one person, all accounts without exception, including the main account, will be canceled, in order to demonstrate its circumvention of the regulations.
8- For residents of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, write the full name in Arabic as it exists in the regular identity (National identity, Gulf identity, resident ID, visitor ID, passport).
9- In the event the winner does not respond for a period of 30 days, the organizing company has the right to repeat the withdrawal and remove it from the competition.
10- If the participant registers for two different accounts with the same name, he will be deprived of all the prizes that he won under this name.
11- Winner will sign a prize receipt with a copy of the legal ID for submission to the Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of verification and proof of award receipt.
12- All winners must have a valid ID upon receiving the prize.
13- If the name of the winner does not match the name on the official ID approved in Saudi Arabia, it will be excluded, and the withdrawal will be made again.
14- The winner does not have the right to exchange the prize for cash or to exchange it for other products and must receive it by himself or under a valid legal agency stipulating the receipt of the award.
15- In the event that there is a value prize (more than 10,000 riyals), the sponsor of the competition has the right to take a photo when receiving the award, and he has the right to publish it on social media channels, as a matter of transparency.
16- The winning lady has the right to assume that her guardian applies Article No. (15) of these conditions in her place.
17- Fill in the Endorsements with valid data according to the regular ID (National ID, Gulf ID, resident ID, visitor ID, passport) sent by the eCopon system to the winner's mobile in the form of a link.
18- Filling in the Endorsements is a prerequisite for receiving the award by the campaign organizer.
19- Smart Match for IT LLC. (eCopon) has the right to file a case that circumvents the persons who filled out the Endorsements form with incorrect data that does not match the regular identity (National identity, Gulf identity, resident identity, visitor ID, passport).
20- Entering the competition is an implicit approval of its terms and conditions.
21- Smart Match for IT LLC. (eCopon) is a company that operates for the competition system only, it has no authority over the type or quantity of prizes or their delivery or exchange, but this is done by the company or the sponsor of the competition or organized for it.
22- Smart Match for IT LLC. (eCopon) is a company that operates for the competition system only, it has no relationship if one of the parties violates any of the terms of the (winner) receipt or delivery (Company) of the award.
23- Apple is not responsible for any of these competitions found in the system and application of eCopon, and it has no relationship whatsoever with these contests.