Winter Festival

  1. The purchase requirement is not required to enter the competition.
  2. The number of Tamimi Rewards from Tamimi must match the same information as the participant in the competition.
  3. The following categories are not allowed to participate in the competition in order to achieve transparency
  4. They are:
  5. • All members of Jeddah Chamber and their families.
  6. • All employees of the system operator and their families.
  7. • All employees of the competition company and their families.
  8. • All advertising agency staff and their families.
  9. • All employees of participating market and their families.
  10. The committee for sorting commercial competitions in Jeddah Chamber has the right to reclaim prizes from these categories in the event that one of them wins.
  11. The committee of sorting the commercial competitions in Jeddah Chamber has the right to withdraw the prize from the participants who won it.
  12. The Committee has the right to sort the competitions in the Jeddah Chamber in case the winner does not respond for 30 days to receive the prize to remove him from the competition and re-draw again.
  13. Winners are required to present a valid ID upon receipt of the prize.
  14. If the name of the winner does not match the name on the official ID approved in Saudi Arabia, it will be excluded and the withdrawal will be made again.
  15. In the case of repeated wins for the same participant in the competition, the delivery of the first prize depends only.
  16. The winners will sign the award receipt.
  17. A copy of the winners' identity will be taken and the photo will be signed as proof of receipt of the prizes.
  18. The contest and the names and photos of the winners will be published on social media.
  19. The winner shall not have the right to exchange the prize in cash or barter it for other products and shall receive it by himself or through a valid Shari'a agency stipulating the receipt of the prize.
  20. In case the contestant rejects any of the terms and conditions of the competition, the committee has the right to sort out the commercial competitions in Jeddah Chamber to cancel the prize and make a new draw for another contestant.
  21. The competition screening committee in Jeddah Chamber will also exclude any participant if he does not meet the conditions and provisions.
  22. The terms and conditions of the Competition shall be governed by the laws and regulations of commercial competitions in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  23. The winner must be present to receive the prize or his representative.

You can register your Tamimi Rewards Card to your Personal Rewards Account by logging onto and completing the registration process. Please make sure that all details entered are correct and valid as these details may be needed in the future.