Ramadan Shopping Festival

     How to enter the contest:

1- Visit branch

2- Read the competition's barcode displayed in the section through the application ecopon .

3- Approve the terms and conditions.

4. Press the check button to check the validity of the contest bar code and enter the draw.

Terms and Conditions:

1- The conditions of the competition shall be governed by the laws and regulations in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and shall be under the supervision of the Jeddah Chamber.

2- Purchase is not mandatory to enter the contest.

3- Color of car depends on the availability within the car company.

4- Winner is responsible for receiving the car from the car company.

5- Winner is responsible for vehicle registration fees, license fees, plates, and is the one responsible for receiving the car from the car company.

6- In case of non-response by the winner for a week, the company shall have the right to retry and withdraw it from the competition.

7-  The prizes are distributed according to what is available and it is not necessary to be similar to the image of the campaign declaration.

8- In the case of repeated winning for the same participant will only adopt the first prize.

9- The winner's signature will be signed on the vehicle receipt statement to be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce later.

10- A copy of the winner's identity and the signature of the copy will be taken as proof of receipt of the prize.

11- The competition will be published on social networking sites.

12- The winner will also be posted on social networking sites.

13- Winners cannot exchange the gift with cash or other products and must receive gift by himself.

If the contestant rejects the terms and conditions or only one item, the organizing company may cancel the prize and make a new draw for another competitor.