A Kingdom Welcoming Global Events!

Saudi Arabia’s selection to host the 2030 World Expo reflects Prince Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince, who aims to create the Kingdom as an essential worldwide event center and a leader in various fields.

Expo 2030: A Global Platform

Expo 2030 will be a global platform, promoting the Kingdom to an estimated 40 million visitors in one of the world’s largest and most important Middle Eastern marketplaces. With companies and investments across various sectors.  This competition will promote innovation and quality among participating organizations, with the goal of creating an inspiring visitor experience while also stimulating the Saudi economy through foreign and local investments.

eCopon's Role in Digital Transformation

Among the global focus on digital transformation, eCopon appears as an opportune venue for embracing the future.  eCopon offers new tools and solutions to help companies manage their marketing efforts successfully and reach a larger audience.

eCopon's Key Features:

Effortless Campaign Management:  Easily organize promotional campaigns and competitions, offering a unique digital marketing experience for the audience.

Targeted Offers and Loyalty Programs:  Engage customers through exclusive offers and digital coupons, improving customer loyalty and brand awareness.

Data-Driven Insights:  Use powerful analytics tools to track campaign performance and optimize strategies for maximum impact.

eCopon's Future Outlook

As Expo 2030 approaches, eCopon is preparing to grow its presence in the Saudi and global markets, using the great event to show its strengths in digital transformation and e-marketing.  The platform is expected to see considerable increase in user base and corporate partnerships, helping to progress the digital economy and realize Saudi Vision 2030.

Driven by innovation and flexibility, eCopon is well-positioned to play an important role in Saudi Arabia’s journey to a bright digital future, providing a full marketing experience that is aligned with the goals of Expo 2030 visitors and companies.