In a significant strategic move that strengthens its presence and expands its scope of work, eCopon is starting a journey to explore new market opportunities at the Gulf and regional levels, open new channels for it, and build a strong network of relationships that will help it achieve its expansion goals and succeed in these markets.

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region is regarded as one of the most important target markets for eCopon due to the GCC countries’ economic strength and high political stability, which creates a favorable environment for investment and opens up new channels for the company to offer its services in the world’s most important market.

The importance and priority of the services that eCopon will provide are to find innovative marketing solutions that help companies grow and increase their sales by organizing and managing commercial competitions for companies.  eCopon seeks to transform this aspect of the company’s operations to a group of services such as (linking advertising to competitions, linking sales to competitions, in addition to many technical and technological services that aim to increase the demand for products such as placing competition barcodes inside the product, or placing them with the invoice.  All of these services, as well as others, can be customized and integrated to meet the needs of the customer and give appropriate solutions for their marketing plan.

Due to a strong competition from large, international corporations in these developed and profitable sectors, eCopon’s expansion strategy in the GCC area could face many challenges and barriers.  However, eCopon has a great opportunity to succeed against these challenges because of its revolutionary technology, which satisfies business needs and offers solutions for the commercial competitions sector.