Introducing Invoice Validation for Competitions

Building upon our previous articles discussing two of capon's new project services launched in 2024 – WhatsApp-based competitions and Linking Ads to Competitions – we now focus on the Invoice Validation competition service.


capon's system enables invoice validation as a requirement for participation in any company-organized competition.  This new important service improves competition transparence and trust.  It guarantees that the used invoice originates from authorized points of sale, avoiding fraud and manipulation attempts.


Companies can now select specific products for competition entry to promote them and achieve their marketing goals.  This ensures that participants are reel consumers using their products, contributing to achieving marketing objectives and boosting brand awareness.


Furthermore, this service, compatible with POS devices, can be linked to in-store promotions, allowing establishments to measure market share and understand consumer purchasing behaviors.

capon's Invoice Validation competition service transforms how companies organize competitions, providing transparency, credibility, and effective marketing results.