Introducing Promotional Voucher Services

eCopon, is a leading provider of promotional solutions, has announced the launch of its new Promotional Vouchers Service, which enables companies of all kind to reach a wider audience and improve their marketing campaigns.  This new service adds to capon's core offering of “Commercial Competitions”, which seeks to promote a fair market, boost competition, and protect consumer rights.


Meeting Market Needs and Business Requirements

Recognizing the changing demands of the industry and companies, eCopon launched the Promotional Vouchers Service, which provides a comprehensive platform for companies to promote their products and services.  Companies can use this service to increase the reach of their promotional efforts by accessing capon's huge network, experience, and large client base.


Key Features of Promotional Vouchers Service:

Dedicated Business Account: Each company receives a dedicated account to manage and upload promotional offers throughout the year.

Zero Service Fees: eCopon offers this service at no cost to companies, ensuring accessibility and affordability.

Expert Technical Support: A team of dedicated technical experts is available to assist companies with setup, guidance, and troubleshooting.

Social Media Promotion: eCopon utilizes its social media presence on Facebook, Twitter (X), and its mobile app to promote company offers, reaching a wide audience of potential customers.

Targeted Customer Outreach: eCopon uses its extensive customer database to segment and target promotions to specific demographics and interests.


Supporting the Business Community and Strengthening the Local Market

eCopon's commitment to supporting the business community and strengthening the local market is evident in the introduction of the Promotional Vouchers Service.  This initiative empowers companies to create competitive and attractive offers, promoting a healthy competitive environment and encouraging customer engagement.



eCopon's Promotional Vouchers Service serves a valuable tool for companies seeking to expand their reach, improve their marketing strategies, and connect with a larger customer base.  By providing a comprehensive and cost-effective platform, eCopon is empowering companies to succeed in today’s dynamic market.

Are you ready to take your promotions to the next level? 

Visit eCopon’s website or contact their sales team (T:  +966 12 644 5557) to learn more about the Promotional Vouchers Service and how it can benefit your company.