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Competitions Type

Application (ios - android) for companies to register participants through it (name, mobile number, and email)

(used in occasions and events or promoting a product or customer service in branches)


·      Increase brand or product awareness

·      Direct customers to the client branches

·      Collect customer data

It is a link through which everyone can participate in the competition

Multiple Microlink :

A type of MicroLink for one competition with multiple links (each link is linked to a specific branch and specific prizes)

Objectives :

1- Increase brand or product awareness.

2- Boost sales.

3- Collect customer data.

4- Ease of spreading the competition.

Microlink Mechanism: 

1- Open link by on QR code .

2- Register & login

3- Get the coupon

The most useful type of competition in eCopon. Participants scan the Barcode on the products box or packaging to enter the prize draw.

Barcode within product competition:

This competition is similar to the barcode competition in mechanism; however, the barcode is placed within the product. Users participate for free through the eCopon app and increase their chances by purchasing the product and scanning the barcode within the product.

Objectives :

1-Increase brand or product awareness.

2-Direct customers to the client branches.

3-Collect customer data.

App standard Mechanism:

1-Participate by App

2-Agreed to the terms and conditions

3-Get the Barcode

WhatsApp contests are promotional campaigns or events that take place on the popular messaging app WhatsApp. Businesses, corporations, or people generally launch these contests to engage their audience, boost brand awareness, and promote their products or services​

Objectives :

1- Brand Promotion​

2- User Engagement​

3- Data Collection​

4- Awareness and Reach


1- Text-based Contests: Participants are asked to submit text messages in order to answer questions or do tasks.​

2- Image/Video Contests: Users may be required to submit images or videos related to the contest theme in order to participate in contests.​

3- Voice Note Contests: Participants can enter by recording and sending voice messages.​

4- Quiz Contests: Multiple-choice quizzes are used to engage and challenge players in quiz contests.​

5- Voting Contests: Users vote for their favorite selections or submissions in voting contests.

This competition offers users the opportunity to increase their chances by purchasing through a specified online merchant. Each transaction increases the user's chances of winning.


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