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Privacy Policy for eCopon website and application

First Clause:

An Introduction:

Second Clause:

The (Confidential Information Agreement) covers the following activities, which are detailed in the items below:

Third Clause:

We collect and retain personal information that you have handled, provided to us, displayed, or modified:

Fourth Clause:

Our use of your personal information:

Fifth Clause:

Your use of your personal information and the information of other users:

Sixth Clause:

Using, accessing, browsing, and modifying your personal information:

Seventh Clause:

Links to third party websites:

Eighth Clause:

Browsing software used on your personal device:

Ninth Clause:

No to malicious or phishing emails:

Tenth Clause:

Protecting your personal information:

Eleventh Clause:

How to contact us to inquire about (Confidential Information Agreement)


eCopon Smart Match for IT LLC Tel: 0126445557